Receptor Ligand Technologies GmbH (RELIATech) is a post-genomic biotechnology company focused on the discovery and commercialisation of novel technologies and products in the field of ligand-receptor interaction for research, diagnostics and for the clinical community. The company located in Braunschweig, Germany, was founded in October 2000 by:
Prof. Avner Yayon
Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), Israel
Dr. Herbert A. Weich
German Research Centre for Biotechnology (GBF), Germany
Dr. Bernhard Barleon
Clinic for Tumor Biology (KTB), Germany
The founders are cell and molecular biologists working in the field of growth factor interaction, tyrosine kinases and their signalling pathways involved in tissue remodelling, homeostasis and disease for more than 1 decade. In particular Dr. Herbert A. Weich and Dr. Bernhard Barleon have worked in basic research in the field of angiogenesis, tumor angiogenesis and the progression of solid tumors.  
Signal proteins such as "growth factors and cytokines", together with their transmembrane / "soluble receptors" and associated kinases, are critically involved in the development and function of all higher organisms as key regulatory molecules in physiological and pathophysioloical conditions. These polypeptides regulate cell differentiation, tissue remodelling and homeostasis, and are deregulated in various disease states. The discovery of new growth-regulating genes by the human genome project coding for novel signaling proteins, together with the elucidation of their function, will no doubt be one of the major challenges in the next decade.
RELIATech’s mission is the development and commercialisation of new products useful in the field of "receptor and ligand interaction" for basic research, drug development and for the clinical community. RELIATech’s flexibility and competence will definitely enable its rapid integration and expansion in this new era of functional genomics and proteomics.