Medicago ABis a specialized producer of high quality biochemicals. Our wide assortment includes diverse products such as user-friendly kits and bulk biochemicals.

We are presently working as an end-user supplier and as a sub-contractor to large, well established biotechnology companies in , EU, , and elsewhere.

Being a commercial, privately-held, Swedish company, Medicago AB is characterized by short decision times with the highest efficiency.

Medicago is built around five product areas:

·                                 Bioactive Proteins

·                                 Diagnostic and Chemical kits

·                                 Pre-made Buffers and Reagents

·                                 Antibodies and Antigens

·                                 Chemical Syntheses

In each area we also offer sub-contract production and product development.

Furthermore, we welcome new retailers and distributors all over the globe for our pre-made buffers and reagents.