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    Methylamp™ DNA Modification Kit

    • The fastest procedure availble, which can be completed within 1 hour and 55 minutes with consistent reaction conditions.
    • Completely converts unmethylated cytosine into uracil: modified DNA > 99.98%.
    • The lowest degradation of DNA in the modification process: more than 90% of DNA loss can be prevented.
    • The lowest requirement of starting DNA for modification: only 50 pg or 20 cells.
    • Simple, reliable, and consistent modification conditions.


    The different amounts of DNA isolated from a serum sample were chemically modified using the Methylamp? DNA Modification Kit. Real time PCR was performed by using a pair of primers and a probe designed to amplify both methylated and unmethylated alleles of β-actin.

    KIT CONTENTS 40 samples
    80 samples
    R1 (DNA denature) 0.25 ml 0.5 ml
    R2 (DNA modification) 4 vials 8 vials
    R3 (DNA modification) 5 ml 10 ml
    R4 (modified DNA capture) 14 ml 28 ml
    R5 (modified DNA clean) 3 ml 6 ml
    R6 (modified DNA elution) 1 ml 2 ml
    P-spin M column 40 80
    P-collection tube 40 80
    Instructions 1 1