about biosun
  • BioSun is a leading distributor dedicated to providing imported brand name bio-reagents. We offer a myriad of life science reagents, consumables, pharmaceutical and diagnostic raw materials at the most reasonable prices and the highest quality. These products are used widely in academic fields and industrial applications, from basic biomedical research to disease diagnosis, from emerging new biotechnology to pharmaceutical production and healthcare.


    In the hard-working of our staff and in the support of our customers, BioSun has been obtained remarkable result and has over 2,000 customers in universities, research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other industrial companies. Healthy growth and reputation are the ideas we strive for. In order to achieve these goals, we offer our customers the followings :(a) Frequent Information Updates ;(b) Timely Delivery ;(c) Swift Service Response ;(d)Sufficient Pre or Post-sale Technical Support.


    Being a regional distributor to our suppliers, we have undertaken the responsibility of providing an efficient procurement-distribution-fulfillment solution and to arrange promotional activities, such as exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and road shows.Biosun also maintains very close relationships with the suppliers to provide post-sales services to customers, including technical and application support.


    Mission Statement:  Making reliability and customer satisfaction as our core values, we promise what we can do, we do what we have promised. BioSun guarantees superior quality products and the most advanced services to support all types of research institutions and pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide in their efforts to improve the human condition.


    Strategy: To enter into as many markets as possible through collaboration with partners worldwide.

    Principle: Reliability, Dedication, Innovation, Integrity, Flexibility, Professionalism.